alt. Vapors is looking for someone to lead the long term vision of the company’s community and digital marketing strategies. As the Head of Community and Brand Outreach, you will own all tasks critical to social media and digital marketing channels that concern alt. products and brand partnerships.

Our ideal candidate has exceptional oral & written communication skills, an outgoing personality (like the rest of our team!), and experience creating highly engaging online content.

The role comes with a lot of autonomy deciding the nature of alt’s brand image going forward - you’ll drive the type of content relevant to interaction with our online community and how we acquire new customers. We believe our product can truly be a market leader and we’re looking for people to help us make this a reality.


  • Plan and execute our overall digital marketing strategy
  • Define and execute content strategy for the company’s social media channels and website
  • Create meaningful brand partnerships in offline channels such as pop-ups and live events, thereby promoting the alt. experience
  • Collaborate with the analytics/growth team to measure traffic across channels of online customer acquisition
  • Collaborate with the analytics/growth team to deliver insights that lead to more intelligent use of the company’s marketing budget
  • Align promotional events with multiple forms of engaging online content
  • Respond to comments and customer queries on social media channels in a timely manner
  • Monitor and extract insights from feedback and online reviews to help improve product and brand
  • Organize and participate in online forums to grow the alt. community and boost brand awareness
  • Help alt. become a leader in category and product education to potential customers through content


  • Excellent verbal communication and writing skills
  • Proven track record with creating a brand strategy and improving conversion from various marketing channels
  • Hands on experience with social media management for brands
  • Knowledge of online marketing and marketing channels
  • Up-to-date with the marketing trends from around the world
  • Keen interest in new and alternative subcultures
  • Attention to detail and ability to multitask
  • Degree in business, media studies or other relevant field
  • Proficient with content creation tools
  • Note: Proven track record compensates for any other gaps in qualifications

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